Maintenance Inspections You Can Trust

Identify problems before they become costly repairs with regular home inspections.

In a recent article, Bill Richardson, President of the American Society of Home Inspectors, emphasized the need to get a home inspection every three to five years to improve maintenance and avoid costly repairs. During a routine inspection, all the visible and readily accessible components and systems are checked. This includes everything from the foundation, roof and gutters, to a home's exterior and interior walls, electrical wiring and plumbing.  

β€œIn this uncertain economic time, it is important to be able to plan ahead,” Richardson said. "People who leave their houses unchecked are taking a significant risk. In some cases, that could be 10, 15 or even more years during which time a minor, unnoticed repair could become a significant expense or be the culprit of major damage or safety issues. A basic maintenance home inspection can cost far less than an expensive repair. An ASHI home inspector can often spot potential problems before the damage happens."

Van Horn Inspection Services can help you maintain your home with an inspection that will include a review of all major components and identification of any areas where improvements can be made.  To schedule your inspection, click here.